Modern web development
for businesses


  • Websites & Web Portals
  • Desktop Apps
  • Mobile Apps
  • Services
  • Games
  • IoT


  • Cloud Server Management
  • Machine Provisioning
  • Kubernetes Clusters
  • DevOps / GitOps
  • CI/CD


  • Web Scraping & Data mining
  • Mathematical modeling
  • Project Management
  • Analytics
  • Big Data

Reliable web experts

A web development company based in the United Kingdom with over a decade experience in modern web development. We are early adopters of technology offering state of the art solutions for our clients.

Real value from the busy digital world.

We keep up with ever-changing tech. Daily. We analyze, compare and evaluate new technologies, filtering out the noise of the vast sea of online information. Our opinionated solutions will help your company get the best parts of it, effortlessly.

A different digital agency

We aim on doing things differently. No non-sense , efficient and diverse. 

Always fresh

We are true technology enthusiasts. We continuously explore and expand on new technologies, sectors and ideas staying always cutting-edge.    

We don’t re-invent the wheel. We make it better.

We never spend time or resources re-inventing the wheel.  We build upon state of the art building blocks, reaching new heights.

Accessible code

Delivering business value shouldn’t imply pain for developers. We produce slick developer experiences to boost your project’s potential.

Cutting-edge and easy to use

Cutting-edge isn’t worth it if its hard. That’s why we always automate and package our software for easy use.

Fast and accurate

We prototype fast and develop on rock-solid grounds. Delivering the business value you need and staying open for extension.

We speak your language

Experience has tought us how to communicate efficiently with all kinds of people. Tech savvy or not, rest assured your goals are met.


Our go-to Frontend stack

The most efficient and modern frontend technologies to work with.

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Kubernetes Cluster & CI/CD in 5 minutes

We created ESM, a project that creates production ready Kubernetes clusters with built-in CI/CD, TLS issuance, monitoring and more in just 5 minutes!

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CI / CD with GitLab & Flux

Using Gitlab and Flux for the most efficient way to achieve CI / CD in a Kubernetes Cluster environment.

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Featured projects

Create Kubernetes & CI /CD in 5 minutes


Create musical memories


Guitar Hero Midi App


A team of close friends

With a well connected team, passionate about their craft, nothing can go wrong.

Stavros Kainich

Founder & CTO

Real tech enthusiast and developer of all things he comes across. Multi-hobbyist, creative and motorsports lover.

Alex Kainich

Senior software engineer

Mathematician at heart and purist engineer. Our trump card on Actuarial science and competitive gaming.

Panos Pantouveris

Senior software engineer

Polyglot engineer from a strong  backend development background. Seeker of mental and physical  wellbeing.

Panos Lazaridis

Business Intelligence Advisor

Bill Hatzipanos

Business Intelligence Advisor

Nikos Athanasiadis

Mid software engineer

Passionate web developer  thinking out of the box. We live in a world full of possibilities. Let’s make the most out of it!

An answer to your question. Nothing formal

An answer to your question. Nothing formal.