Author: Stavros Kainich

Our go-to Frontend stack

The most efficient and modern frontend technologies to work with.

Kubernetes Cluster & CI/CD in 5 minutes

We created ESM, a project that creates production ready Kubernetes clusters with built-in CI/CD, TLS issuance, monitoring and more in just 5 minutes!

CI / CD with GitLab & Flux

Using Gitlab and Flux for the most efficient way to achieve CI / CD in a Kubernetes Cluster environment.

Arbitrage Betting Scrapers on Puppeteer

Building an automated arbitrage betting system with Puppeteer JS and Kubernetes.

WordPress CI / CD in Kubernetes using Flux

Integrating WordPress in a Kubernetes Flux CI/CD pipeline.


Automatically fit your days-off work around bank holidays! Our online tool schedules everything for you.

Guitar Hero Midi App

Connect your e-drums to Guitar Hero! We wrote a desktop app to handle it for you.

Kubernetes Cluster Aquarium

Kubernetes Cluster of Raspberry Pi’s inside an aquarium! What you need to consider.

Bluetooth Rover

We built an Arduino powered rover, controlled from a mobile app. We 3D printed its chassis and treads!

Aerial Videography Tips

Find out some hints and tips we found in our long way of aerial videography.

Kubernetes cluster on Raspberry Pi’s

Bare metal Kubernetes Cluster implementation on Raspberry Pi’s and ARM architecture take aways.

3D Printing robot chassis and treads

3D printers aren’t limited on printing rock solid objects. See how we printed flexible treats for our rover robot.

The ultimate workstation

How we built one of our ultimate workstations. A tour of components and heuristics.

Evalest Midiator Series

Easy Windows volume management!
We made a series of 2 Windows desktop apps that let you control the volume of each individual app on your pc. Go to and grab it for free!

Web controlled robot

An aftermath of how we built a web browser controlled robot in 2014 using Arduino, Raspberry Pi and web technologies.

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