Evalest Midiator Series

Evalest Midiator Series

June 20, 2018 Freebies, Gadgets, Music, Software, Software Development

Easy volume management for Windows!
We made a series of 2 Windows desktop apps that let you control the volume of each individual app on your pc.

Go to midiator.evalest.com and grab the Alpha version for free!

Evalest Midiator Keyboard

Lets you assign a keyboard shortuct to any app on your pc. Whenever you press it, you can control its volume by scrolling up or down.

Evalest Midiator

Lets you assign any app on your pc to any external MIDI controller like the Korg Nano control

Head over to midiator.evalest.com for an in-browser demo of both apps.

You can download both apps for free and find user guides on how to install and use them. Keep in mind that the apps are still in Alpha version and will have bugs. Feel free to contact us about any issues you may have.


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