Tech transformation

tech transformation
Adopt Kubernetes without prior experience

We help companies modernize their web development without investing time and effort.

In a matter of days get:

Your own cloud server

Built entirely on open-source technologies and on your very own machines. Start hosting your apps, services, databases and team productivity tools.

An automated workflow

Our battle-tested web development recipe to speed up product delivery. Your server comes pre-configured with everything you need to worry less about DevOps.

UI & Support

A friendly UI helps you deploy apps, databases and manage your system without any prior knowledge.

Also, get our expert support anytime.

All in a simple UI

Organize all server & project monitoring in one place
Track project and database configuration in GIT, automatically.

Auto deploy projects

In 20 seconds:

  • Deploy a GIT project to Kubernetes
  • Set up CI/CD (git-push to deploy)
  • Set up a domain name
  • Set up https
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Gain great visibility

System-wide transparency:

  • Machine and project monitoring
  • Logging & ssh tuneling
  • Self healing
  • GitOps
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Why it is great?

  • You don’t need Kubernetes and DevOps experience
  • You dont need to hire and maintain a team of DevOps experts
  • You don’t need to wait to get business value back

Comparing to major clouds you also avoid:

  • Complexity
  • High costs
  • Vendor lock-in

You benefit from:

Container technology

Avoid the usual ‘works on my machine’ issues by running your apps in the same isolated environment both locally across developers and on the server.

Git push to deploy

Deploy your git project by simply comitting to the repo. Avoid direct connections to the server doing manual work which is time consuming and error prone.

Auto DevOps

Avoid wasting time on repetitive web development tasks like issuing SSL certificates, setting up CI/CD, tracing issues, monitoring, alerting, disaster recovery and more.


Easily add/remove machines to support your platform as well as configure any project for auto scaling on busy periods.

Avoid complexity & costs

Avoid cloud provider complexity / costs and the need to maintain DevOps experts. Our service is simple, extendable and made to offer business value today!


The solution is entirely built on open source tools and can be installed and migrated to any machine. You have your own robust cloud solution at your disposal.

Free .yaml Generator tool

Create Kuberentes yaml files for deployments, services, PV, secrets, databases and UIs with just a few clicks.
Visit our tool and start using it for free!

Your tech partner

We can help you on every step along the way. Some of our expert services include:

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