Tech News Summary 11 Mar 2024

Explore the latest tech and business news, from Reddit's $6.4 billion valuation and Duvel's cyber-attack to Byju's fight for survival, and the impact of AI on content creation.

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Tech Valuations and Cyber Attacks Grab Headlines

  • Reddit's Shares Sale: Social media giant Reddit is aiming for a massive $6.4 billion valuation, despite profitability challenges.

  • Duvel Cyber-Attack: The beloved Duvel beer faces production disruption due to a recent cyber-attack, emphasizing the rising online threats to businesses.

  • Byju's Survival Battle: Once India's prized startup, Byju's now struggles amidst fierce competition and ever-changing market dynamics.

Entertainment and AI Influence

  • Entertainment Mishaps: A TV star's experience with Jaguar's brake failure underscores the imperfections of technology in day-to-day life.

  • AI's Role in Media: OpenAI is defending ChatGPT against criticisms by industry figures like Elon Musk, while AI-generated fakes create concerns in the US election arena.

  • Legal Woes in AI: A former Google engineer faces charges over allegedly stolen AI secrets, blurring the line between technological innovation and legal ethics.

Cybersecurity and Personal Stories

  • Local Councils and Cybersecurity: Cyber threats expand their target to include local governments, stressing the importance of improved digital defenses.

  • Digital Skills Initiatives: Gloucestershire offers courses to bridge the digital skills gap, showcasing efforts to equip individuals against cyber threats.

  • Online Behavior Impact: Personal stories reflect online behaviors' reach, from Meghan Markle's cyberbullying ordeal to emotional real-world meetups influenced by digital communications.

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