Tech News Summary 12 Mar 2024

Explore the latest in tech, gaming, and entertainment, from Apple's new EU app policy and motor safety tests to the unveiling of streaming rights and advancements in e-bike technology.

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Technology News

  • Apple is set to allow iOS app downloads directly from websites in the EU, adapting to new regulations. However, developers will face stringent rules from Apple to ensure compliance.

  • In a review by a leading auto safety group, 14 partial automated driving systems were put to the test. Surprisingly, only one system met the rigorous standards, highlighting the need for enhanced vehicle safety.

  • Epic Games reveals a new pricing structure for non-game developers using Unreal Engine, aiming to attract professionals across various industries.

Entertainment and Gaming Highlights

  • The Boy and the Heron, among other Studio Ghibli films, will soon be available to stream on Warner Bros. Discovery's platform, expanding their impressive content library.

  • A Timesplitters 4 prototype from around 2008 has been found on a PS3 dev kit, stirring excitement among fans of the series.

  • The System Shock remake has been officially announced for console release on May 21, reviving a classic for a new generation of gamers.

Safety Concerns and Industry Movements

  • AI and deepfake technology are raising alarms amongst election officials for their potential to impersonate public figures, posing a threat to the integrity of information dissemination.

  • Tesla faces legal scrutiny as their autopilot system's role in a fatal 2018 crash is examined in court, emphasizing the ongoing debate over the safety of autonomous vehicles.

  • With collaborative efforts from Apple, Google, Mozilla, and Microsoft, a new web browser performance test called Speedometer 3.0 has been launched, setting a new benchmark for the industry.

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