Tech News Summary 13 Mar 2024

A well-rounded digest focusing on today's news on international tech disputes, EU AI laws, and latest technological innovations and challenges.

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  • M62 Runaway Car Incident: A 31-year-old man was arrested due to suspected dangerous driving and causing public nuisance after a car chase on the M62.

  • China-US Tensions Over TikTok: China has issued a warning of potential repercussions if the US implements a ban on TikTok, accusing the US of suppressing the app.

  • EU Passes AI Act: The EU's landmark AI Act, aimed at addressing risks in the growing AI sector, has gained MEPs' approval, marking a significant step in AI regulation.

  • Fertility Myths Debunked: New insights challenge the longstanding belief that female fertility drastically drops after 35, offering a more nuanced understanding.

  • Elon Musk Visits Tesla Plant: Following a fire that left a Tesla plant powerless, Elon Musk and his son made a visit, amidst claims of the involvement by a far-left activist group.

  • Former President Trump Opposes TikTok Ban: Donald Trump, who tried to ban TikTok in 2020, has expressed opposition against the current deliberations to restrict the app.

  • Paul Alexander's Life in an Iron Lung: The passing of Paul Alexander, who spent decades in an iron lung, shines a light on the lives of those with severe disabilities.

  • Broadcaster Jennie Gow's Recovery: F1 broadcaster Jennie Gow openly shares the challenges of her stroke recovery, aiming to return to F1 broadcasting.

  • The Business of Human Remains: A Brooklyn warehouse highlights the controversial market for human remains, while innovation sails forward with cargo ships powered by wind.

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