Tech News Summary 15 Feb 2024

Catch up with the latest in technology and business, including changes at SpaceX, ethical AI discussions, and the telecom industry's challenges.

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SpaceX Legal Home Shifts

Elon Musk has announced that SpaceX's legal home is leaving Delaware, suggesting a significant transformation within the company's operational strategy. This move has attracted the attention of industry observers and stakeholders.

AI Ethics and Child Abuse

The technology sector faces a conundrum as the ethics of using AI in cases of child abuse come under scrutiny. The need for guidelines and expert insights is evident, amidst the confusion among offenders regarding the moral boundaries of AI application.

Tech Giants Clash

Meta's Mark Zuckerberg and Apple continue to experience tensions, with the former publicly criticizing its industry rival. Meanwhile, in a monumental financial move, Jeff Bezos, Amazon's founder, liquidates over $4 billion worth of his shares, hinting at a reshaping of the company's investment dynamics.

Arm's Share Surge

UK-based chip designer Arm Limited experiences a virtual doubling of its share value, marking a key milestone for the semiconductor industry and possibly indicating broader economic impacts in the tech sector.

Consumer Backlash and Telecom Woes

Ring doorbell customers express their disapproval with a significant price increase, while telecom company Three issues repeated apologies amidst persistent service disruptions. Another telecom giant, Virgin Media, navigates through a probe concerning digital switchover compliance.

AI's Role in Elections

The potential of AI to alter the landscape of election misinformation surfaces as a serious concern in the U.S., alongside personal cybercrime incidents, including an elderly woman ensnared in a costly online scam.

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