Tech News Summary 16 Feb 2024

Today's technology news covers VR content safety for teens, the potential risks of AI romance apps, the rise of hydrogen cars, and advancements in Wi-Fi and cybersecurity.

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Ensuring Safe Virtual Realms for Youth

To protect young audiences from exposure to unsuitable VR and AR content, the tech industry is urged to implement a 'Child Flag' system. This safeguard would place the onus on online services and device manufacturers to create a safer digital environment.

Potential Shifts in App Economy and Streaming Services

The Vision Pro AR/VR device brings back one-time app purchases, hinting at evolving app revenue models. Meanwhile, YouTube TV's rise to the fourth spot among U.S. pay-TV providers underscores the continuous surge in streaming TV's appeal.

Cybersecurity and Health Tech Innovations

With escalating app attacks, mobile security firms are stepping up their game. Advances in AI software provide promising dyslexia treatments, while implications of Wi-Fi 7 and quantum computing are poised to reshape cybersecurity strategies.

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