Tech News Summary 18 Feb 2024

Today's highlights include actions by big tech on AI in elections, labor rights victories, and advancements in tech from space missions to sustainable festivals.

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  • Twitter's Ghana Staff Secure Severance Pay: After a prolonged campaign, former Twitter employees in Ghana have received their due severance packages, emphasizing the importance of labor rights in the tech industry.

  • Big Tech to Tackle 'Deceptive' AI in Elections: Companies vow to take proactive measures against the misuse of artificial intelligence in election procedures, aiming to safeguard democratic processes.

  • Gaming Industry Update: The debate rages on between Xbox, Nintendo, and PlayStation regarding their influence and relevance in the gaming landscape.

  • £3 Billion Legal Action Against Facebook in London: Facebook faces a significant lawsuit in London, potentially setting a precedent for accountability for social media platforms.

  • Jeff Bezos Sells Over $4 Billion in Amazon Shares: The Amazon founder's share sale could signal changes in the tech and retail industries.

  • SpaceX's Legal Headquarters Moves: Elon Musk reports a shift for SpaceX, possibly affecting the company's legal and operational structure.

  • Google to Map Methane from Space: This initiative underlines Google's commitment to environmental causes and the quest for sustainability.

  • Innovations in No-Alcohol Beer Brewing: New brewing techniques enhance the flavor profiles of non-alcoholic beers, showcasing innovation in the beverage industry.

  • Music Festivals Go Green: A spotlight on the trend towards sustainable practices within the festival scene and its larger environmental impact.

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