Tech News Summary 19 Dec 2023

An overview of the latest news in technology, gaming, and business including NASA's laser beaming tech, Twitch's policy updates, and world events.

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  • NASA's Cat Video from Space: NASA has successfully transmitted an ultra HD video of a cat named Taters from deep space, showcasing advancements in space communication with laser technology. This is being celebrated as a significant achievement in terms of potential for future space missions and communication.

  • Twitch's Policy Reversal: Popular streaming site Twitch has reversed its policy concerning 'artistic nudity,' allowing for greater freedom of expression among content creators, provided it falls within their updated community guidelines.

  • Digital Landline Switch Paused: A planned digital switch for landlines has been put on hold to better protect vulnerable populations dependent on conventional landline technology, emphasizing the importance of inclusivity in tech upgrades.

  • Google's $700 Million Settlement: Search giant Google has agreed to pay a hefty $700 million to settle an antitrust lawsuit, reflecting the continuing legal challenges big tech companies face regarding market dominance and competitive practices.

  • Amazon Warhammer Deal: Amazon dives into the rich Warhammer 40,000 universe, set to produce shows and movies catering to the franchise's vast fan base, indicating the company's ongoing investment in niche, yet popular, entertainment sectors.

  • Nikola Founder Sentenced: The founder of electric vehicle start-up Nikola has been sentenced for fraud, signaling a warning to the dynamic but sometimes unstable EV start-up market.

  • Spider-Man 2 Studio Hacked: The studio behind the much-awaited Spider-Man 2 game has suffered a massive hack, throwing a spotlight on cybersecurity concerns within the gaming industry. Details surrounding the hack and its implications for upcoming game releases are being closely monitored.

  • EU's Action on Disinformation: The European Union takes a firm stance against disinformation, particularly targeting the spread of fake news and its impact on democratic processes and public trust.

  • AI on India's Film Industry: The growth of artificial intelligence technology is impacting India's film industry, hinting at transformative changes in how movies are made and consumed.

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