Tech News Summary 20 Mar 2024

Today's news encapsulates major tech developments, AI advancements, and global regulatory actions shaping current trends and futures.

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Emerging AI and Chip Technology

  • Nvidia's New AI Chip: Unveiling its Blackwell architecture, Nvidia introduces a chip offering a staggering 20 PetaFLOPS of AI performance, indicating a milestone for AI and data center capabilities.

  • Potential AI Integration in iPhones: Talks between Apple and Google could introduce Gemini AI to iPhones, potentially revolutionizing mobile AI applications.

Business and Regulatory Dynamics

  • Intel's CHIPS Act Funding: The Biden administration outlines preliminary terms for awarding Intel up to $8.5 billion, emphasizing the strategic importance of the semiconductor industry.

  • Google Fined by French Regulators: Leveraging news content to train its AI, Google faces fines from French authorities, spotlighting the implications of AI training methods.

Healthcare and Environmental Focus

  • Gene-Editing HIV Research: New methods to extract HIV from cells using gene-editing present promising developments in healthcare.

  • Electric Bike Sales Surge: In Germany, e-bike purchases have outdone traditional bike sales, signifying a shift toward more sustainable personal transportation options.

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