Tech News Summary 21 Feb 2024

Explore the latest updates on technology, business, and global news, including key developments in gaming, cybersecurity, and geopolitical affairs.

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Technology Updates

  • Microsoft is making a bold move in the gaming industry by announcing Xbox games will be available on the Nintendo Switch. Grounded and Pentiment are set to be the pioneers of this initiative.

  • In tech advice, Apple recommends against using rice to dry out iPhones, a common but apparently inefficient myth. Instead, they suggest following official guidelines for device drying.

  • Tinder enhances user safety by incorporating passport-scanning for ID checks, aiming to boost the security of its dating platform.

Business and Entertainment News

  • London's iconic BT Tower is undergoing a transformation and will be converted into a hotel, showcasing the city's blend of history and modernity.

  • Tesla looks to expand its presence with a new car servicing base, eyeing a business park for this venture.

  • In the entertainment industry, recent incidents such as the BAFTA stage invasion are taken seriously, and the gaming world sees a responsible message from the Helldivers boss regarding game purchases amidst financial hardships.

Global Affairs

  • The UK has successfully led the disruption of the world's largest cyber-criminal gang, marking a significant win in the fight against cybercrime.

  • Developments in the ongoing Israel-Gaza conflict continue to unravel, with international scrutiny and concerns rising.

  • Amidst claims of big tech companies receiving payments from terrorists, vigilance in financial transactions is being heavily scrutinized for potential breaches in ethics and law.

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