Tech News Summary 24 Feb 2024

A roundup of today's significant tech, business, and gaming news.

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Technology and Business Updates

  • Nvidia Hits $2tn Valuation Amid AI Boom: Nvidia's strides in artificial intelligence have led to a significant company valuation, marking a notable milestone in the tech industry's advancement.

  • Facial Recognition Faces Legal Setback: A leisure firm has learned it's illegal to scan the faces of staff, reflecting increasing legal scrutiny over privacy concerns in technology.

  • Vice Media Halts Publication and Cuts Jobs: Media giant Vice is streamlining operations by stopping web publication and reducing its workforce, an indication of evolving media consumption habits.

Tech Concerns and Outage Resolutions

  • Google Quashes Gmail Shutdown Hoax: A widespread false claim about Gmail's shutdown has been debunked by Google, underscoring the challenges of misinformation in tech.

  • AT&T Restores Service After Outage: Telecom leader AT&T has announced the restoration of its cell network services following a significant outage, showcasing the importance of network reliability.

  • Reddit Share Plans Raise Eyebrows: The Reddit community expresses trepidation regarding the company's share plans, fearing it could spell the platform's decline.

Entertainment and Science Highlights

  • Final Fantasy Rebirth Earns Praise: The latest installment in the Final Fantasy series has been met with positive critical reception, confirming the franchise's enduring popularity.

  • Odysseus Moon Lander's Rocky Touchdown: The lunar lander's struggle with its descent illustrates the ongoing challenges of space exploration.

  • AI's Role in Extraterrestrial Search: Advances in AI technology are being harnessed in the quest to find life beyond Earth, highlighting its potential in scientific research.

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