Tech News Summary 25 Feb 2024

Explore today's crucial tech and business stories, from AI deepfake controversies to Nvidia's market milestone, and the ethical and privacy debates surrounding new technologies.

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AI Deepfake Controversy

Celebrities have voiced concerns over the use of AI deepfake technology in ads for a manifestation guide without consent. Piers Morgan and Oprah are among those criticizing the ethical implications of such technology. This move has sparked a debate on the responsible use of AI in advertising and its potential to mislead viewers.

Nvidia's $2 Trillion Milestone

Nvidia, a leading AI chip firm, has reached a valuation of $2 trillion. This reflects Nvidia's significant influence on the tech and AI industry. However, this growth comes with concerns about AI's impact on job security across various sectors, with Tyler Perry pausing a major studio build due to AI.

Google's Gmail Hoax Demystified

Rumors of Gmail's shutdown have been debunked by Google after panic spread from a viral hoax. In other privacy-related news, a leisure firm's practice of scanning staff faces has been halted on legal grounds. This underscores the growing scrutiny over privacy issues and surveillance technology.

Vice Media's Digital Dilemma

Vice Media stops publishing on its site and announces job cuts amidst a challenging period for the media industry. On a brighter note, 'Final Fantasy Rebirth' receives positive reviews, solidifying its status as an outstanding sequel in the gaming world.

Tech Advancements and Ethical Debates

Nvidia's boss points to a significant 'tipping point' as AI sales soar, marking advancements in the field. Meanwhile, AI's role in the search for extraterrestrial life exemplifies the broader scientific potential of this rapidly evolving technology.

Human Interest and Technology

The news also brings to light human-interest stories such as a 10-year-old's entrepreneurial goals and a young YouTuber's focus on vegetarianism, demonstrating the intersection of personal endeavors and technology-centric news coverage.

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