First ever Wireless Charging Road in the U.S.

Detroit introduces a groundbreaking wireless EV charging road, positioning itself as a leader in electric vehicle technology innovation.

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Key Developments in EV Charging Technology

  • Innovative Wireless Charging Road: Detroit unveils the United States' first wireless electric vehicle (EV) charging road, a significant leap in EV infrastructure.

  • Electreon's Inductive Charging Technology: The road features Electreon's cutting-edge inductive charging coils, enabling EVs to charge while in motion or parked.

Detroit, in a pioneering move, has debuted the first wireless EV charging road in the United States. This quarter-mile stretch, located in Detroit's Michigan Central district, represents a major advancement in electric vehicle technology. The road employs inductive charging coils developed by Israeli startup Electreon, allowing electric vehicles equipped with compatible receivers to charge their batteries while driving, idling, or even parking above the coils.

Enhancing EV Accessibility and Infrastructure

The implementation of this technology aims to significantly reduce the inconvenience associated with frequent stops for charging electric vehicles. By enabling vehicles to charge wirelessly while on the move, Electreon's innovation promises to increase the practicality and appeal of EVs. This breakthrough is expected to pave the way for broader adoption of electric vehicles, addressing issues such as limited range, grid limitations, and the costs and sizes of batteries. Michigan's Department of Transportation, in collaboration with Electreon, has committed to a five-year development plan for this electric road system. The project not only positions Michigan as a leader in transportation innovation but also aligns with the Biden administration's goal to increase the number of EV charging stations across the United States.

Future Expansion and Safety Considerations

Looking ahead, Michigan plans to seek bids in 2024 for expanding this inductive charging technology to other parts of the state, including US-12 (Michigan Avenue). The safety of this technology has been a key focus, with assurances that it poses no risk to pedestrians, motorists, or animals. This development also aligns with Detroit's goal of leading in transportation innovation, further enhancing its reputation as a hub for advancing mobility solutions. The successful implementation and future expansion of this wireless EV charging road could herald a new era of electric vehicle infrastructure, contributing significantly to a zero-emission mobility future.

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