The Latest in Tech: Windows 11.1, Stolen X-Ray Cases, and More

Stay updated with the latest tech news, including Windows 11.1 update, stolen X-Ray cases, and more.

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- Microsoft considers rebranding Windows 11 to Windows 11.1

- Nvidia sued over alleged stolen trade secrets

- Doctor Who launches companion podcast

- Porsche's new Panamera has a unique active suspension setup

Microsoft is considering rebranding Windows 11 to Windows 11.1 and point updates, while Nvidia faces a lawsuit over alleged stolen trade secrets. Additionally, Doctor Who launches a companion podcast, and Porsche's new Panamera features a unique active suspension setup.

Ubisoft blamed a 'technical error' for showing pop-up ads in Assassin’s Creed, while Casetify is being sued for stealing Apple device teardown images. Furthermore, SAG-AFTRA's new contract details are finally available for review.

Other news includes Peloton CEO apologizing after Thanksgiving ride struggles, Amazon's likely approval for iRobot acquisition by EU, and Proton Drive now being available on macOS. OpenAI's reported breakthrough on the path to AGI also sparks controversy.

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