Massive use of AI allows us to be mediocre

This article explores how AI is redefining standards by making mediocrity the new norm, aligning with cultural shifts away from the pursuit of perfection.

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Key Points

  1. AI's Embrace of Average: AI has ushered in a new era where being perfectly average is not just acceptable, but the norm.

  2. Shifting Cultural Perspective: The societal obsession with perfection is waning, making AI's role in fostering mediocrity more relevant and less problematic.

The New Normal: AI and the Age of Mediocrity

In a world increasingly influenced by AI, there's a profound shift in our perception of excellence and mediocrity. AI, particularly through large language models (LLMs), offers a startling yet comforting promise: the ability to be perfectly average. This shift is significant as it challenges the long-held societal pursuit of perfection. The outputs of AI, which are essentially an amalgamation of vast and varied datasets, naturally gravitate towards the average.

This means that the content it produces, the solutions it suggests, and the creativity it manifests are rooted in mediocrity​````​.

Cultural Shifts and AI's Role

The gradual acceptance of mediocrity is not just a technological phenomenon but a cultural one. In recent years, there has been a growing realization that the relentless pursuit of perfection is both unrealistic and often unfulfilling. AI's role in this shift is crucial. As AI becomes more embedded in our daily lives, from content creation to decision-making, it subtly redefines our standards.

The mediocrity of AI's outputs, once a point of criticism, is now seen as aligning well with this new cultural paradigm.

Embracing Average: A New Perspective

This new era, powered by AI, allows us to redefine success and satisfaction. No longer is there immense pressure to outperform or to be extraordinary in every endeavor. AI levels the playing field, making it possible for everyone to achieve a baseline of competency in various tasks, from writing to design. The democratization of skills, while average in quality, is a significant leap towards inclusivity and accessibility.

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