Tech News Summary 02 Jan 2024

Discover the latest breakthroughs in technology with today's headlines, from electric vehicle domination to AI's impact on democracy and cutting-edge Wi-Fi developments.

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Business and Technology Updates

  • China's BYD Takes the Lead in EV Deliveries: Surpassing Tesla, BYD barrels to the forefront of electric vehicle deliveries at the close of 2023, signaling a significant shift in the EV market dynamics.

  • Google Settles 'Private Mode' Lawsuit: Google reaches a settlement over claims that it tracked users even in 'incognito' mode, raising privacy concerns and accountability in digital services.

  • AI's Influence on Democracy Under Scrutiny: As AI continues to integrate into various sectors, it is now also being carefully examined for its potential negative effects on democratic processes and public discourse.

Entertainment and Legal Battles

  • Amazon Prime Video to Include Ads in the UK: Starting in February, Amazon's streaming service is set to introduce advertisements, reflecting a shift in the company’s strategy to reach broader audiences while monetizing content.

  • Hyperloop One Ceases Operations: Once touted as the future of high-speed travel, Hyperloop One has shut down, raising questions about the viability of such ambitious transportation projects.

  • Parents and Tech Giants Tackle Online Safety: In response to growing concerns, tools and regulations are being developed to ensure that young EU residents prove their age before accessing online adult content.

Global Tech Advances and Concerns

  • Wi-Fi 7 Anticipated to Revolutionize Connectivity: With the finalization of Wi-Fi 7 expected in early 2024, this advancement promises to enhance throughput, latency, and reliability for increasingly tech-reliant consumers.

  • Drone Deliveries Ready for US Launch: Zipline's drone delivery project is prepared for takeoff in several US cities, potentially transforming the delivery landscape with faster and more sustainable options.

  • Hyperbole or Reality? The Hyperloop One Shutdown: The shutdown of Hyperloop One echoes through the transportation technology sector, questioning the practicality of such grand innovations.

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