Tech News Summary 04 Mar 2024

Explore the latest developments in the tech industry, from AI advancements to strategic leadership insights and more.

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Latest Advances in Technology

  • Apple introduces an upgrade to the MacBook Air, allowing dual display support with the lid closed, powered by the new M3 chip.

  • NASA's Crew-8 mission is on schedule for launch, aiming to transport astronauts to the ISS for a six-month mission.

  • Intel is showcasing its Core i9-14900KS processor, offering a 6.2GHz boost clock.

Management and Legal Insights

  • Microsoft prepares for an Xbox Partner Preview event, set to feature games from renowned publishers.

  • Tech discussions center on smart home devices, the practicalities of smart living, and the balance between technology and human interaction.

  • Elon Musk finds himself embroiled in legal proceedings involving OpenAI, where he has raised issues about his current lack of involvement.

Tech in the Consumer Space and Beyond

  • Discontinuation of the M1 MacBook Air paves the way for the powered-up new M2 model.

  • An engaging new Netflix show titled 'Chicken Nugget' is scheduled to start streaming shortly.

  • Google's ad market dominion raises antitrust concerns leading to a judge-approved review of their practices.

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