Tech News Summary 04 Jan 2024

Explore the latest in technology and business news, from data tracking cookie blocks to shifts in the electric vehicle market and entertainment sector updates.

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Technology Sector Update

Google Chrome has unveiled a new feature aimed at bolstering user privacy, effectively blocking data tracking cookies for 30 million users. This advancement signifies a strong commitment to enhance internet browsing security. Further shaking things up in the tech world, Microsoft has redesigned its keyboards for the first time in three decades, which could significantly change our daily interactions with technology. On the flip side, SpaceX faces criticism and legal challenges, with allegations of unlawfully dismissing employees—spotlighting the harsh realities of working in the competitive tech industry.

Business World Dynamics

In the realm of business, a notable development is China's BYD overtaking Tesla, powering ahead in the global electric vehicle industry at the close of 2023. This marks a pivotal transition, showcasing the highly competitive nature of the electric car market. Shifting to entertainment and retail, Amazon Prime Video is poised to roll out ads in the UK starting February, suggesting a new viewing dynamic for subscribers that could influence streaming habits.

Entertainment and Lifestyle Shifts

The gaming industry sees new milestones as Kim Kardashian's mobile gaming venture is set to terminate, marking the conclusion of the app's successful run. Meanwhile, a young gamer claims the accolade of being the first to conquer Tetris, a testament to the enduring allure of classic video games. The BBC also delves into various aspects of technology and life, with insights into AI-assisted animal discovery, the quest for affordable, health-conscious sweeteners, and the significance of LEDs in reducing energy expenditure for lighting.

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