Tech News Summary 06 Feb 2024

Stay informed about today's tech and business news: AT&T and TransUnion's initiative, protecting teens in AR/VR, and fortifying mobile security defenses.

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Battling Business Call Spoofing

AT&T has joined forces with TransUnion to introduce a solution designed to curb business call spoofing. For AT&T wireless customers, verified company calls will now showcase a brand name and logo, creating a layer of trust and combatting scam calls effectively.

Protecting Teens in Virtual Spaces

A recent report stresses the importance of implementing a Child Flag system for AR/VR platforms. This protective measure would serve as a gateway, preventing underage users from accessing content that's not suited for their age group.

Enhancing Mobile Security

The mobile security sector is escalating its efforts to secure user data as the frequency of app-related attacks grows. Implementing advanced cybersecurity protocols is key to safeguarding against intricate threats like data breaches, malware, and AI-driven bot attacks.

Tech Innovations and Child Safety

The technology sector continues its quest for innovation, illustrated by Apple's gradual embrace of spatial computing and calls for CES to consider a name change reflecting its automotive technology shift. Ensuring child safety online is paramount, spotlighting the urgency for better age verification and control over children's social media usage.

Improving Digital Experiences and Security

Exploring the best plug-in hybrids set for a 2024 release, understanding the evolving landscape of AI in cybersecurity, and offering tips to accelerate slow Android devices are today's consumer-focused stories. Additionally, the rise of browser-based phishing and the negative impact of affiliate marketing on search results are also under scrutiny.

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