Tech News Summary 11 Feb 2024

Today's headlines emphasize tech industry price surges, enhanced AI legislation, and evolving cybersecurity measures.

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  • Significant Price Hike for Ring Doorbell Angers Customers: Users are voicing frustrations over a 43% price increase for Ring products. The sudden hike is seen as unjustified and has sparked a heated online discussion.

  • Virgin Media Investigated for Digital Switchover Compliance: Concerns are mounting regarding Virgin Media's adherence to required regulations, prompting a formal investigation into the company's practices.

  • AI-Generated Robocalls Banned in the US: In a move to clamp down on spam calls, the US makes AI-generated robocalls illegal, aiming to combat the intrusive automated calls plaguing consumers.

  • Microsoft Refutes Claims of Layoff Promises: The tech giant has responded to allegations of not keeping its word concerning layoffs, reassuring the public of its ethical treatment of employees.

  • TikTok and Temu Remove Risky Heaters: Both technology platforms have withdrawn certain heater products from their listings due to fire safety risks, showcasing the industry's focus on consumer product safety.

  • Uber Eats Ad Draws Criticism Over Allergy Joke: A recent Uber Eats promotion has been criticized for insensitive remarks about peanut allergies, igniting a conversation about corporate social responsibility.

  • Sudan Suffers Internet Blackout Amid Conflict: The impacts of war are further compounded in Sudan as the nation faces a severe internet blackout, highlighting the vital need for communication in crisis situations.

  • Disney Bets Big on Swift and Fortnite: Disney's CEO indicates that big investments in pop culture icons and gaming platforms like Taylor Swift and Fortnite are key strategic moves for the company.

  • Local UK Businessman Loses in Trademark Battle: A chicken shop owner in England is out £12,000 after a trademark dispute with tech giant Tesla, accentuating the intricate nature of intellectual property law.

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