Tech News Summary 12 Feb 2024

Explore today's essential tech and business news, focusing on customer reactions to Ring's price increase, AI's impact on robocalls, and innovative strategies by Disney and Microsoft.

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Customer Reaction to Price Hikes

  • Ring Doorbell Price Surge: Users are frustrated over a 43% price hike for the Ring doorbell service, voicing their dissatisfaction across various platforms.

  • Three Mobile Outage: An apology has been issued by Three as a mobile service interruption impacted thousands, signaling reliability challenges in tech services.

  • Virgin Media Investigation: With the digital switchover rules under scrutiny, there are rising concerns on customer impact.

Legal and Business Maneuvers

  • Illegal AI-Generated Robocalls: The US government has made AI-generated robocalls illegal, seeking to protect consumers from these unwanted disruptions.

  • Microsoft on Layoffs: Contrary to rumors, Microsoft maintains its stance on workforce management amid layoff discussions.

  • Disney Invests in Pop Culture: Disney's CEO places a strategic bet on Taylor Swift and Fortnite, showcasing the intersection between business and entertainment.

Consumer Safety and Ad Controversies

  • Risky Heaters Withdrawn: Following safety concerns, TikTok and Temu have removed potentially dangerous heaters from their listings.

  • Insensitive Advertising: An Uber Eats ad faces criticism for making light of peanut allergies, shedding light on the importance of sensitivity in marketing.

  • AI and Mental Health: The role of AI in daily life is expanding, with new AI mirrors having implications on mental health and wellness.

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