Tech News Summary 14 Feb 2024

Covering the intersection of tech and automotive industries with reports on minor protection online, AI romance app warnings, one-time app purchases, hydrogen cars, and more.

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Online Platforms Urged to Implement 'Child Flag' System

There's a call for online services to introduce a 'Child Flag' system, which aims to shield young users from augmented and virtual reality content that might be inappropriate for their age group. This move stresses the importance of preventing minors from encountering harmful digital experiences and the growing effort to establish safer online environments for younger audiences.

AI Romance Apps: Mozilla Advises Caution

Researchers at Mozilla are raising red flags over AI-powered romance apps, encouraging users to avoid these platforms that simulate romantic engagements. These AI chatbots could pose data privacy and emotional risks, and users are encouraged to be wary of the artificial intimacy offered by these applications.

Hydrogen Cars Gaining Momentum

In the transportation sector, notable progress is being made with hydrogen-powered vehicles. Collaborations such as the one between Honda and GM, in addition to Toyota's consistent backing, indicate that there's an increasing level of commitment to this alternative fuel technology, which may soon rival traditional electric vehicles.

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