Tech News Summary 14 Mar 2024

A summary of the latest developments in technology and space exploration, highlighting SpaceX's Starship test flight and the US TikTok debate.

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Space Exploration Progress

Elon Musk's SpaceX achieves a milestone with the successful third test flight of Starship, signaling a boon for space travel technology. The giant leap is further amplified by another SpaceX feat - the launch of a mammoth rocket that marks a new era in the industry.

Technology and Policy

TikTok faces potential ban in the US as lawmakers deliberate on national security implications, with China vocalizing stark consequences The legislation draws international attention to the digital app's future amidst privacy and cybersecurity debates.

Health and Gaming Updates

A man in the US suffers a serious health scare due to food-borne tapeworms, and new research calls for better measures for childhood obesity. In gaming news, Wooting's innovative 'Rappy Snappy' keyboard is announced, and major updates for Bungie's Destiny 2 are on the horizon.

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