Tech News Summary 16 Jan 2024

Summary of key developments in tech, gaming, and AI's impact on industries.

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Tech and Business Move the Needle

  • YouTuber Reversal: Star YouTuber MrBeast reconsiders his previous decision to avoid X video platform, drawing attention to the platform's reach and content strategy.

  • Telecom Pricing Policy: BT announces changes to its price rise policy for mobile and broadband services, which might directly affect consumers' bills.

  • Game Shelves Secondhand Sales: Retailer Game has declared an end to the sale of pre-owned games, a shift that will resonate through the gaming community.

AI and Entertainment at the Forefront

  • IMF's AI Warning: The International Monetary Fund cautions that AI technology could jeopardize up to 40% of global jobs, potentially exacerbating inequality across sectors.

  • Prince of Persia Speaks Farsi: In a cultural homage, the first 'Prince of Persia' game in over a decade gets a Farsi voiceover, spotlighting the importance of cultural representation in gaming.

  • British Library Battles Hack: Following a significant hack, the British Library works to restore its services, underscoring the importance of cybersecurity in cultural institutions.

A Focus on Innovation and Security

  • Governments Invest in Chips: Governments around the world show a growing interest in the semiconductor industry, emphasizing strategic technological independence.

  • eBay's Legal Reckoning: The eCommerce giant finds itself facing penalties in a case involving blogger harassment, highlighting the darker sides of online discourse.

  • AI and Identity Security: Emerging AI abilities raise concerns about the distinctiveness of fingerprints, questioning traditional biometric security methods.

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