Tech News Summary 17 Jan 2024

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  • Video Gamers at Risk of Hearing Damage: Studies alert that video game enthusiasts could incur irreversible hearing loss due to persistent exposure to unsafe sound levels. It’s a wake-up call for players to monitor audio settings and preserve their auditory health.

  • Apple Tops Samsung as Largest Phonemaker: In a significant market shift, Apple has surpassed Samsung to become the leading smartphone manufacturer, an indicator of consumer preferences and tech trends.

  • Hoverbike Start-Up Goes Bankrupt: The collapse of a futuristic hoverbike start-up underscores the harsh realities and financial perils of tech entrepreneurship.

  • MrBeast Reverses Video Decision: YouTube influencers like MrBeast hold substantial sway, as seen when he revisited a previous video snub. Such actions point to the growing influence of content creators online.

  • GAME Halts Pre-owned Game Sales: UK retailer Game is discontinuing the sale of used games, reflecting changes in the gaming industry's dynamics and consumer habits.

  • IMF Warns of AI’s Socioeconomic Impact: The International Monetary Fund cautions that AI advancements could lead to job losses and amplified inequality, adding fuel to the ongoing AI ethics conversation.

  • First Farsi-Voiced Prince of Persia Game: The newest Prince of Persia game's localization in Farsi highlights the growing regard for international audiences and cultural representation in entertainment media.

  • Strategic Investments in Chip Production: With substantial government investments in the semiconductor sector, the global importance of tech innovation and its geopolitical implications stand out.

  • eBay Fined for Blogger Harassment: Legal and ethical issues surface for online platforms like eBay, which was fined in relation to a harassment case, emphasizing the need for responsible digital practices.

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