Tech News Summary 20 Dec 2023

Today's roundup covers pivotal tech and entertainment news, focusing on Microsoft's leadership changes, driverless technology, gaming updates, and more.

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  • Microsoft Leadership Changes: In a significant corporate shakeup, Bobby Kotick departs as Microsoft revises its leadership structure. This follows the acquisition of Activision Blizzard and hints at strategic shifts within the tech giant.

  • Waymo's Autonomous Milestones: Waymo has been benchmarking its autonomous vehicles against human drivers, showcasing the growth and potential challenges of self-driving technology. As the industry watches, Waymo's milestones are significant for future transportation.

  • Gaming Updates: Super Mario Run introduces Wonder Flowers in its latest update, while Resident Evil 4 receives a remake available on the newest Apple devices. These releases mark significant moments for popular franchises as they expand to new platforms and audiences.

  • Tech Innovations and Issues: Vizio enhances user experience with a TV interface update. Simultaneously, Peloton moves to phase out support for its older bike tablets, stirring discussions around technology lifecycle and consumer expectations.

  • Policy and Privacy Concerns: Privacy workers advocate for an overhaul in how big tech's data harvesting is regulated. Their call for action reflects the ongoing tension and debate about user privacy in the digital age.

  • Entertainment and Science: The entertainment segment is abuzz with updates on free Pokémon game content and Marvel's cast changes, while NASA explores innovative ways to utilize deep space networks. These stories signify the diverse impacts of tech and media advancements on society.

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