Tech News Summary 20 Jan 2024

Explore key headlines covering the latest in technology, business decisions, and entertainment surprises.

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Technology Updates

  • Parcel Delivery Chatbot Faux Pas: DPD's chatbot incident emphasizes the importance of caution in automation and AI.

  • EU Challenges Big Tech: Amazon faces resistance with its iRobot acquisition, while Spotify criticizes Apple's commission fees.

  • Innovative Bankruptcy: The fall of a hoverbike start-up signifies the risks associated with pioneering tech ventures.

Entertainment and Arts Trends

  • Regulating Social Influence: Italy introduces stricter rules for influencers.

  • Social Media's Latest Fad: Stanley water cups gain viral status on TikTok.

  • Gaming Industry Shifts: Game stops selling pre-owned titles, reflecting the new dynamics of digital content consumption.

Business and Innovative Developments

  • Apple's Market Lead: Overtaking Samsung, Apple becomes the top phonemaker.

  • Health Concerns in Gaming: The rise in hearing loss risk among gamers puts a spotlight on health-related tech issues.

  • Health Tech Emergence: Virtual reality becomes a tool for diagnosing sepsis, illustrating VR's potential beyond entertainment.

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