Tech News Summary 21 Dec 2023

Discover the latest in tech and business, from UK's stance on AI patents to global social media outages, and innovative uses of AI in wildlife conservation.

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Inventions and AI

  • UK Supreme Court Rules on AI Patents: AI cannot patent inventions, signifying a pivotal moment for intellectual property laws in the tech world.

Social Media and Communications

  • Social Media Platform 'X' Faces Global Outages: Users worldwide are affected as a social media platform experiences unexpected downtimes, raising questions about the platform's stability and the dependence on digital communication.

Entertainment and Business

  • Amazon Expands into Warhammer Entertainment: Marking its foray into a new entertainment niche, Amazon sets to produce shows and movies based on the popular Warhammer 40,000 series.

Legal and Industry Shifts

  • EV Start-Up Nikola's Founder Sentenced: Fraud consequences become clear in the business sector, with Nikola's founder receiving a sentence, and Toshiba's iconic presence in the electronics market comes to an end.

Novel Uses of Technology

  • AI to Save Deer on Tracks: AI's potential to prevent wildlife accidents is highlighted through its use in safeguarding deer on train tracks.

Health and AI

  • Virtual Reality Aiding Alzheimer's Diagnosis: The health sector sees innovation as virtual reality technology opens new avenues for diagnosing Alzheimer's disease.

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