Tech News Summary 21 Mar 2024

Today's news covers legal battles, AI progress, EV innovations, and more, reflecting major strides in tech, healthcare, and environmental sectors.

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Legal and Industry News

  • DOJ Sues Apple Over Market Monopoly: The US Department of Justice has taken on tech behemoth Apple, asserting antitrust violations in the smartphone arena. This move underscores the escalating scrutiny over tech giants' market behaviors.

  • US Proposes Stricter Emission Standards: In a significant step for environmental policy, the US has introduced stringent limits on car emissions, a decision anticipated to accelerate the shift towards electric vehicles EVs.

  • **Electric Vehicle Innovation Electric vehicles are also gaining traction with news of the US unveiling strict emission limits to encourage EV sales, and Honda debuting America's first hydrogen-powered consumer car.

Medical and Environmental Advances

  • Pig Kidney Transplants Show Promise: Medical breakthroughs report the success of pig kidney transplants in humans, potentially revolutionizing organ donations and saving countless lives.

  • Heat’s Impact on Stillbirths: Recent research draws attention to the grim consequences of extreme heat on pregnancy outcomes, with a noted increase in stillbirth rates.

  • Chocolate's Climate Challenge: Climate change is reported to be impacting cocoa crops, resulting in a price surge for Easter eggs and confectionery.

Technology and AI Progress

  • Brain-Computer Interface Chess Play: A patient with a brain implant has been able to play chess using thought alone, thanks to advances in neuroscience and AI, marking a significant leap in brain-computer interface technology.

  • AI's Transformative Role in Software: Looking at software development, AI is posed to revolutionize the industry in 2024, with implications across various sectors.

  • Reddit Reaches New Valuation Heights: The social media platform, Reddit, has soared in valuation to $6.4 billion, signaling its robust growth trajectory.

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