Tech News Summary 23 Dec 2023

A roundup of today's key technology and entertainment stories, including industry updates and advancements in science.

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Technology Tightens and Innovations Rise

  • China Aims to Curb Online Gaming Further: In response to concerns about gaming addiction, China is planning to impose tougher restrictions on the online gaming industry. This has led to a significant dip in the stock market, impacting major tech companies and gaming giants.

  • Nasa's Space Cat Video via Laser Tech: Demonstrating advancements in space communication, Nasa successfully transmitted a cat video from deep space with laser technology, showcasing potential for high-speed data transfer methods beyond traditional radio waves.

Entertainment and Legal Rulings

  • Amazon Explores Warhammer 40,000 Universe: Amazon revealed plans to develop shows and movies based on the popular Warhammer 40,000 franchise, potentially expanding its footprint in the genre of science fiction and fantasy.

  • UK Supreme Court Stands Against AI Patents: In a landmark ruling, the UK's highest court affirmed that artificial intelligence systems cannot be credited with patentable inventions, a significant moment for intellectual property rights and AI ethics.

Social and EU Regulatory Actions

  • EU's Action on Misinformation: Amidst the battle against fake news and disinformation, the European Union has initiated measures against a major social media platform, pushing for more accountability in the digital information space.

  • Age Verification for EU Porn Consumers: In a move to protect minors, the EU is weighing the option of mandating age verification for individuals accessing pornographic content online, sparking discussion around privacy and enforcement logistics.

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