Tech News Summary 24 Jan 2024

From Mac's 40th-anniversary celebration to VR advancements and entertainment shifts, today's news encapsulates tech innovation, media trends, and scientific progress.

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Celebrating 40 Years of Mac

Tim Cook honors the Mac's 40th anniversary with a special animation, underscoring the iconic computer's relevance in Apple's offerings, despite its relatively small contribution to the company's overall revenue. This milestone reflects on the endurance and evolution of Apple's technology through the decades.

Tech Developments in VR, AI, and Software

Innovations in the tech scene include Microsoft Teams' support for 3D and VR meetings, potentially revolutionizing remote collaboration. Google Classroom's new features promise better student engagement with automatic reminders. Apple's rumored new policies could shape app downloads in response to the EU directive.

Entertainment and Science Breakthroughs

On the entertainment front, comparisons drawn between Netflix and traditional cable TV highlight the streaming service's content strategy, while Jon Stewart's return to The Daily Show marks a significant moment for fans. In science, the testing of Sierra Space's inflatable space habitat showcases the ongoing developments in extra-terrestrial habitation technology.

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