Tech News Summary 27 Feb 2024

Explore today's major headlines including Playstation's job cuts, AI developments, and shifts in entertainment and technology sectors.

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  • Sony Cuts 900 PlayStation Jobs: Amidst a widespread reduction across the tech industry, PlayStation is reportedly shedding 900 positions and shutting its London studio, delivering a heavy blow to the UK's gaming sector.

  • Elon Musk Eats Humble Pie Over Bakery Bill: Tesla CEO Elon Musk garners media attention after settling an unpaid bill with a bakery, revealing a more relatable aspect of his public persona.

  • More Music Leaves TikTok Amidst Licensing Row: TikTok faces another setback as disputes over music rights with major publisher Universal lead to a reduction of available tunes on the platform.

  • Meta assembles AI Team to Safeguard Elections: In a proactive move, Meta has created a dedicated team to prevent AI from being used to deceive voters, demonstrating the heightened concern over AI's role in misinformation.

  • Nvidia Valued at $2 Trillion: AI chip giant Nvidia's market capitalization hitting $2 trillion underscores its dominant status in the technology landscape.

  • Google Denies Gmail Shutdown Hoax: Google addresses rumors about Gmail's discontinuation, illustrating the widespread impact of tech misinformation.

  • Facial Recognition Tech Faces Legal Scrutiny: A leisure firm encounters legal roadblocks for using staff face scans, igniting conversations on facial recognition privacy concerns.

  • Deepfakes in Influencer 'Manifestation' Ads: Ethical questions arise as celebrities like Oprah and Nigella appear in deepfaked influencer ads, pushing the conversation on deepfake technology misuse.

  • Canada's Move Against Online Hate: The Canadian government introduces new laws targeting the spread of hate speech on the internet, reflecting growing concerns about online safety.

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