Tech News Summary 28 Jan 2024

Discover today's critical tech updates, including US legislative actions against deepfakes, Meta's new tool for teens, Microsoft layoffs, and the return of Fortnite to iPhones in the EU.

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US Legislation Calls on Taylor Swift Deepfakes

There have been growing calls for US legislative responses to the issue of deepfakes, particularly after explicit manipulated images of Taylor Swift were widely circulated online. Advocates for privacy are pushing for regulations to combat the rise of these deceptive internet contents.

Meta Tool for Teens' Online Safety

In an effort to safeguard the online experiences of young users, Meta has developed a tool that prevents the transmission of nude imagery in private chats among teenagers. This innovation addresses the growing concerns over the distribution of explicit images and content on social media platforms.

Fortnite's EU Return on iPhones

The gaming community is set to welcome back Fortnite on iPhone devices in the EU, following its previous removal from the App Store. This news holds significant implications for the way apps are distributed and could influence the market for online gaming.

Microsoft Gaming Division Layoffs

In business news, Microsoft has trimmed its workforce by laying off around 1,900 staff from its gaming division. This move reflects the ongoing shifts and challenges within the gaming and streaming landscape, as companies adapt to industry changes.

Competition Probes into Vodafone-Three Merger

With potential mergers on the horizon, there are speculations about competition probes into the union between Vodafone and Three. This merger could greatly impact the telecommunications industry.

Concerns Over BT Customers and Xbox Game Pass

There have been issues raised concerning BT customers who may have been unknowingly paying for Xbox Game Pass subscriptions, drawing attention to the need for greater transparency and customer awareness in service offerings.

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