Tech News Summary 29 Feb 2024

A comprehensive summary touching on major news, from game industry layoffs and financial accountability, to concerns with AI ethics and tech advancements.

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Gaming Industry Troubles

  • EA Star Wars Game Cancellation Leads to 670 Layoffs: The termination of a Star Wars game project by Electronic Arts has resulted in the elimination of 670 positions within the gaming community. This move signifies a directorial shift toward enhancing current titles in EA's repertoire.

  • PlayStation Shrinks Workforce: In an unexpected development, PlayStation is initiating the dismissal of 900 employees and will shutter its London studio, pointing to significant restructuring within the video game sector.

Big Tech and Ethical Concerns

  • Amazon Loses EU Parliament Lobbyist Access: The European Parliament has stripped Amazon lobbyists of their passes, sending a clear message of greater oversight over big tech's political influence.

  • Google Grapples with AI Ethics: Google's artificial intelligence systems are now under the microscope due to emergent problems pertaining to the AI's so-called 'woke' tendencies, sparking a debate on maintaining ethical standards within AI development.

Business and Tech Evolution

  • Winklevoss Firm Repays Customers: In a significant financial turn of events, a Winklevoss-owned enterprise has decided to reimburse customers to the tune of $1.1 billion, reflecting a strong stance on customer financial assurance.

  • Cyberattack Impact and Prevention: Various enterprises discuss the effects of cyber-attacks, with an emphasis on those that are considerably more detrimental, underscoring the ongoing threat of digital security breaches.

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