Tech News Summary 29 Jan 2024

Explore the impact of AI in cybersecurity, top plug-in hybrids for 2024, the influence of affiliate marketing on search quality, smartphone optimization tips, and the rise of browser-based phishing attacks.

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Affiliate Marketing Affects Search Engine Quality

A recent study highlights concerns about affiliate marketing altering search results, often leading to a lower quality of information. This trend is concerning for users relying on search engines for accurate and relevant data.

Rise of Plug-In Hybrid Vehicles

As more consumers seek eco-friendly transportation, plug-in hybrids offer a balance of electric performance and convenience without sole reliance on a public charging network. The top five plug-in hybrids for 2024 are showcased, catering to the environmentally conscious buyer.

AI's Strengthening Grip on Cybersecurity

With AI rapidly advancing, both cybersecurity threats and defense mechanisms are becoming more sophisticated. The intersection of AI and quantum computing promises to further revolutionize cybersecurity strategies, urging businesses to remain adequately prepared.

Android Phone Performance Enhancement

Slow Android phones can be a source of frustration. Practical tips to boost your smartphone's speed include clearing digital clutter and implementing strategies to maintain optimal performance, ensuring a smoother user experience.

Phishing Attacks on the Rise

A significant uptick in browser-based phishing attacks has been reported, with cybercriminals increasingly targeting internet browsers. Robust security measures are crucial to protect against these sophisticated phishing attempts.

CES 2024 Highlights Innovation

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) unveiled numerous innovative products spanning robotics, augmented reality, and electric cars. Additionally, the reveal of AI-based solutions for dyslexia and Wi-Fi 7 standard are notable tech advancements.

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