How damaged US Teslas show up in Ukraine

Ukraine’s fearless and expert EV mechanics bring electric vehicles declared unfixable in the US and Canada back to life on the other side of the world.

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  • Key Points:

    • Teslas totaled in the US are being mysteriously reincarnated in Ukraine.

    • Fearless and expert EV mechanics in Ukraine are fixing electric vehicles deemed unfixable in the US and Canada.

    • The phenomenon has led to a surge in the number of electric vehicles on Ukraine's roads despite the ongoing war with Russia.

This summer, a Vancouver car mechanic named Max received a peculiar notification about his damaged Tesla Model Y Performance, nicknamed Betty White. After getting sideswiped on the highway and deemed irreparable in Canada, the car reappeared in Ukraine fully repaired and for sale.

The unexpected resurrection of electric vehicles (EVs) in Ukraine is a result of US and Canadian wrecks finding their way to Eastern European repair shops that are willing to take on damage considered too risky or complex in North America. This has contributed to a surge in the number of electric vehicles on Ukraine's roads, providing a practical and affordable alternative to traditional petrol cars.

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