The Best GPTs to Try Right Now

A comprehensive overview of the most intriguing GPT applications available in OpenAI's GPT Store, highlighting their diverse functionalities and impact.

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Key Points

  • OpenAI's GPT Store offers a diverse range of GPT applications, catering to various needs from coding assistance to creative design.

  • These applications, including Code Tutor, Image Generator, and Tattoo GPT, demonstrate the flexibility and innovative potential of GPTs.

OpenAI has recently launched its much-anticipated GPT Store, a platform allowing ChatGPT Plus and Enterprise users to create and sell their custom versions of GPTs. This development follows the creation of over 3 million custom GPTs by ChatGPT users. The store features a wide array of applications across multiple categories like writing, research, education, and programming, showcasing the versatility of GPT technology.

Code Tutor

Developed by Khan Academy, Code Tutor offers assistance in coding, not by writing code, but by aiding users in their coding endeavors. This application is a valuable tool for both students and professionals.

Image Generator

Under the DALL.E category, Image Generator by Naif J Alotaibi stands out for its ability to create and fine-tune images. This text-to-image generator allows users to tweak outputs to their preference, highlighting the creative capabilities of GPTs.

Humanizer Pro

Humanizer Pro is designed to transform content to appear human-generated, effectively bypassing AI detection tools. This innovation underscores the growing sophistication of GPTs in mimicking human-like content.

Doc Maker

Doc Maker facilitates the creation of various documents, including PDFs and resumes, in different formats such as DOCX and PPTX. This tool exemplifies the practical utility of GPTs in everyday document handling.


AI PDF enhances user experience by allowing large file uploads and providing efficient search and summary functions for PDF documents, thus streamlining information retrieval.

Tattoo GPT

Tattoo GPT assists in designing tattoos, offering customization options and aftercare advice. This application showcases the creative and personalized aspects of GPT technology.

Home Style Advisor

Home Style Advisor uses DALL-E to provide decor suggestions and visual ideas for home styling, reflecting the integration of GPTs in interior design.

SEO Optimised Blog Writer and Analyzer

This application aids in creating and analyzing SEO-optimized blogs, leveraging the latest SEO knowledge, thus demonstrating the relevance of GPTs in digital marketing.

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