UK, US, EU, and China Sign Declaration on AI's Catastrophic Danger

The UK, US, EU, and China have signed the Bletchley Declaration to enhance global cooperation on AI safety, highlighting the catastrophic dangers AI can pose.

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Key Points:

  1. The Bletchley Declaration, signed by the UK, US, EU, and China, aims to bolster global cooperation on AI safety.

  2. This unprecedented agreement underlines the catastrophic dangers AI can pose and the urgent need for international collaboration in mitigating these risks.

In a significant stride towards global collaboration on Artificial Intelligence (AI) safety, the UK, US, EU, and China have signed the Bletchley Declaration(1).

The agreement aims to amplify international cooperation in identifying and mitigating the risks associated with AI, particularly emphasizing the potential catastrophic dangers. The declaration was unveiled in the UK and has received the backing of 28 countries along with the European Union, making a robust statement on the international stage regarding the urgency behind understanding and addressing AI risks.

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak hailed this as a landmark achievement.

He remarked, "This is a landmark achievement that sees the world's greatest AI powers agree on the urgency behind understanding the risks of AI – helping ensure the long-term future of our children and grandchildren." The Bletchley Declaration sets forth a dual agenda. It firstly seeks to identify shared concerns regarding AI risks and enhance scientific comprehension of these risks. Secondly, it aims to construct cross-country policies to mitigate these concerns, encouraging transparency and accountability from entities developing frontier AI technologies.

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